Hablamos Alemañol

In Hablamos Alemañol we touch all the different aspects of life in the German region. Whether they are first, second or third generation, the cultural differences are in the details. During the season we have several guests who tell us about their arrival and how they navigate the day to day in a new country.

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New episodes

#13 We talk to Bea about Computing

What do you think were the working conditions in Germany that Bea likes the most?

#12 We speak with Eva about DAAD for academic doctorates and curious anecdotes

New point of view from Spain! Cultural differences will always be present.

#11 We talk about Tourism - Part 2

New year and new places to visit!

#10 We talk about Tourism - Part 1

New year and new places to visit!

#9 We talk to each other about Christmas

It is almost Christmas!

#8 We speak with Yuly Rodríguez about Coaching and Entrepreneurs

Are you interested in the movement of emerging companies, customer service, and want to receive useful tips on this topic from an expert in the area?

#7 We speak with Pablo Santiago about DNA and Science

You are interested in science, biotechnology, new technological advances for the creation of aromas or you have no idea about the subject and you want to learn a bit about what it is.

#6 We talk to each other about customs and food

This week we talk about curious customs, where Guillermo reveals to us why he can not keep an agenda.

#5 We spoke with Pablo Nina about experiences during the study, loneliness as an immigrant and new friendships

This week we talked about something that identifies many people who emigrate to new countries: how to make friends, adapt and the feeling of loneliness.

#4 We speak among ourselves about homologation of university degrees and visas

To find out how is the process of homologation of university degree and about the most common visas, listen to the podcast "Hablamos Alemañol". This week we have an episode dedicated only to these topics.

#3 We speak with Mariangela Bonanni - Part 2

We present the continuation of the interview with the international model Mariangela Bonanni, who had her beginnings in Venezuela as a model and Miss Táchira, Miss Tierra. She is now an international business model.

#2 We speak with Mariangela Bonanni - Part 1

You will learn how to start a modeling career in Germany.

#1 We Speak Among Us

We talk about curious German laws and answer questions from the audience.

#0 Trailer - Hablamos Alemañol

First look at what is coming in the first season.

The hosts



Desde Múnich, en el sur de Alemania



Desde Colonia, en el oeste de Alemania